Who are we?

We are a small consultancy with a wide network of trusted associates, built up over four decades in the renewables industry.

Uaine Gorm’s principal, Ray Hunter, is a well known figure in the wind and marine energy sectors.

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What we do?

We work in the marine generation and power distribution sectors.

We provide clients with strategic, management and technical support in developing and demonstrating innovative and novel technologies.

We specialise in helping clients focus on core challenges and on what adds value.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate development and adoption of:

  • marine based renewable generation technologies,

  • smart and flexible network technologies.

These exciting sectors look likely to be strong and effective contributors in the next phase of energy decarbonisation.

Our Name

Those familiar with the Scottish Mountains will recognise place names such as Lochan Uaine (the small green loch) and Carn Gorm (the blue mountain). Uaine Gorm comes from the Scottish Gaelic words for green and blue, signifying our mission to help extract green energy from the blue oceans.