Technology Development

Successful technologies, whether for marine energy generation or for future power networks, require innovation and insight.

Many technology developers are insufficiently self-critical and insufficiently disciplined in risk managing the process of bringing good ideas to maturity.

Investor pressures often lead to a premature rush to achieve design lockdown and to create a large scale demonstration. This is inevitably counterproductive, both technically and commercially.

Uaine Gorm concurs with the growing wisdom that there should be more emphasis on understanding scientific fundamentals and refining technical ideas before moving to engineering prototype hardware.

Uaine Gorm helps technology developers refine concepts and advance ideas. We advocate a rational trajectory through the various levels of technology performance, technology readiness and commercial readiness.

Project Development

Uaine Gorm staff are experienced in managing onshore and offshore project development at both demonstration and commercial scale.

As for technology development, project development needs to be risk managed and to follow a staged approach to ensure best chances for reaching successful outcomes to budget and on time.

Uaine Gorm can advise on site selection strategies and on a balanced approach to project development including environmental, resource, engineering, grid, power purchase and financing aspects.

Specific Services

Typical services include:

  • technology review

  • development of technology strategy

  • technology due diligence

  • R&D programme design

  • proposal review

  • non-exec advice

  • project development programme design

  • independent progress review

  • expert witness

  • sector and technology review

  • competitor review

  • stakeholder strategy